We recently had to write this for the  Pro Landscaper’s Agenda section: (August aka Women’s month)…and I think it sums up our vision perfectly:

Question: Which woman or which women within the industry have inspired your career and why?

“The green industry – that forms a part of the construction industry is a complex and multifaceted world, built on cycles of economy and work, growth, leases and life.

Economy and ecology comes from the same word Eco – originally oikos that means home/house. As people working in the green industry this means keepers of the environment or home and maintaining the home…

Ten years ago I would have gladly answered the professional career woman that climbed the green economical or ecological ladder, or good designer like Martha Schwartz, but now as with so many things…we grow and our perceptions change.

Today, the women that really inspire me in the green industry are the people that teach the future generations of growth, economy and ecology…or in other words mankind’s symbiotic relationship with the earth.

On a practical and local scale this will mean mamas, teachers and caregivers educating people about how and where we play, and what we get and receive from the earth and green environment.

Women that give an honest and realistic view of a hopeful future… planting and nurturing the change that they want to see”.

Christa Otto

Professional Landscape Architect & play enthusiast

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