The caption for this photo is: “You guys get the crystals, while I get them out!” This is my three children, that change my life…now I am a mom too 😉

As an arty mom of three ducklings, and with a profession in landscape architecture, I recently found myself more and more …PLAYING OUTSIDE.

This is not only the most idealistic way to build someone’s childhood memories, but from an Educational, Occupational and Emotional perspective, this is the best way to develop and an integral part of growing up. Especially today: in this ‘SMART’ age.

Yes, there is a place for the colorful pirate ships and planes, but there is more. Kids (and grown-up kids! We all!) ache for the OPEN-ENDED themes in nature itself, where they can dictate the characters and build the forts on rock.

Takeaway >>>> challenge at the IERM convention 2017: to look OUTSIDE for everyday OFF-CUTS of space and material, and add playful stimuli.

……. the users will add the rest and cherish the memories.

For the full talk I gave on PLAYING OUTSIDE please visit IERM 2017 convention


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