COTTONTREE is a land & playscape design firm that was started in 2012 with a focus on sustainable value and quality. Our motto is ‘playing outside’ and we understand the importance of childhood memories that are shaped by our environments and nature.

Christa has worked on various national and international projects including nursery schools, commercial play grounds, numerous parks in SOWETO, theme parks in the UK and also won a design award in London.

She has an Honours degree in Landscape architecture from UP, background in fine arts and landscape experience since 2002. Member of SACLAP and ILASA and also involved with IERM and SALI.

Lastly, but most importantly a passion for playing outside… as I have three young kids of my own and spend a lot of effort time outside with deliberate unstructured play.

We believe in:

o childhood development meandering through open-ended play

o sprinkled with pause stations for the kids to action (or pause!)

o and create narrative memories in a creative and experiential manner

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