The new development for Investec properties, Cornubia mall includes more than 1ha intensive indigenous commercial planting … At Cornubia mall, now almost 9 months old there were quite a few interesting statistics with regards to numbers…read the extract below or for the full article published in the July issue for the ProLandscaper.

“This project entails just over a hectare of intensive indigenous planting, with an average soft landscaping implementation cost of R380/m² prioritised in different plant species themes over the 10 082m². Talk about value at shopping centers!

Over 187 large trees were planted in the parking areas, this included Aloe trees, Combretum krausii, Ekebergia capensis, Dais continifolia and Calodendrum capense. The only exotic specie, the 29 large Royal palms were used along Tecoma Boulevard and the axis towards the southern anchor.

Smaller ‘trees’ included Mackaya bella, Portelucaria affra, and Polygala myrtifolia to add height in the walkway areas.

Four types of climbers were introduced on all the mesh columns to form a green rhythm along the walkway. Species included Senecio macroglossus, Rhoicissus tomentosa, Jasminum multipartitum and Tinospora caffra.

Of the 57 indigenous plant species onsite the only exotic species are the majestic Royal palms in Tecoma boulevard echoing the vertical elements from the sculptural roundabout design by Iyer consulting, as well as the patterns on the building”.

commercial landscaping…significant landscape statistics @ Cornubia mall

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